We believe in creating an inclusive environment wherein the learning needs of the individual are recognized and would inspire, excite and celebrate effort and achievement. Our classrooms are exclusively customized to cater to the prerequisites of 21st century edification. The integrated curriculum is an amalgamation of the best practices in the industry and is uniquely designed to augment individual thought. Interactive learning sessions with emphasis on micro learning, group work and peer work amongst other things. Special educators and counsellors for individual educational plans. Explorative home work and in-school assignments based on inquiry and scientific methods. Symposiums and seminars for the students and teachers. Value inculcation through moral education. Teaching techniques inspired from India’s rich heritage and culture. Stress on collaborative learning and application of knowledge

Evaluation & Examination System

Student are evaluated on the basis of their willingness to learn and the efforts they make to reach their goals. Based on a continuous and comprehensive evaluation (CCE) system. CCE has been a measure to relieve the students of tension and stress. CCE has been thought as abetter set of innovations and ideas, many of them taken from others Education System. The CCE system divides the whole session into two terms. Each term comprises of one Summative Assessment (SA) and two Formative Assessments (FA). Formative Assessment refer to projects, small worksheets, group discussion and practical activities etc. ‘ Students are gently guided to understand the inherent strengths, virtues and potential that they possess within themselves. Teachers use daily class observation, Students creative pursuits, informal assessments, group and individual goal setting as indicators of progress and development.

Computer Lab

Equipped with the latest systems, the computer lab is very much in tune With the – times. Apart from effectively aiding in teaching the prescribed syllabus, it endeavours to expose the latest technologies and skill to the students. Computer education is an essential part of education for the student from class I onwards. Well equipped computer lab with wifi Internet Facility.

Science Laboratories

The school has spacious and well-ventilated sc. labs with Well furnished equipments of chemistry, physics and bio-sciences. Furnished with all the necessary instruments and accessories, the labs ensure that the practical understanding of the subject is comprehensive and complete.

School Library

The purpose of library is to create the interest of students in self studing. The liabrary has various books on normal values, Science, Literature, Math, Social Science, Computer, GK, Current affairs and many more books for competitive exams, Library also subscribes to selected weekly and monthly journals, magazines and newsletters, apart from daily newspapers.

Parents Teacher Meeting

Since the experiences of the school and the home are equally signi?cant for the development of all children, We encourage harmonious interaction in thinking and approach between the caretakers at home and in school. From time to time, the school organizes a range of opportunities and activities for parents to interact with resource person and teachers. . The school welcomes constructive suggestion and ideas from all parents to make their children’s development more meaningful and real.

Smart Classes

Smart classes are based on computer aided learning and teaching. The software covers almost all topics of syllabus. The program contains graphics, 3d diagrams etc. Which help us to understand the content and the concepts easily and quickly and helps improve the overall academic performance.